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Relationships is the struggle that everyone walking this earth has. There is no one that has it down pat. There are so many different types of struggles that most never express to their friends or partners.

Relationship Problems And What Do You Do?

People call me all the time asking me, “where are you located” or even first, “how much do you charge?”

Both questions are important. However, the MOST important question often isn’t asked which is “how can you help me”?

The first two questions imply that all therapy is the same and all therapists are the same. This could not be further from the truth.

There are many people in all kinds of professions who use buzz words to describe what they do while, in fact, not doing that manner of work at all.

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Developing New Relationships

You may be deciding to develop friendships because you have moved or your life has shifted. You may be newly single and feeling awkward after a lifetime that has followed a predictable pattern.

By: Susan Adams, M. Ed.

Developing New Relationships

Whatever the case, you can be successful at building new relationships if you remember that people don’t fall “in love” or “in like” with other people. Continue reading

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