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Dealing with Troubled Children Counseling Atlanta

Dealing with Troubled Children Counseling Atlanta

Children need team parenting and consistency.  In our hectic world, these skills are often hard to do. 

I am helping parents learn to work together better and to stay out of the anger of their children.  When the parents accomplish this it tends to bring them closer together and improve the marriage.  This adds to the improvement of the children. 

When parents come to see me with troubled children, I like to sit down with the parents first to understand what is not working well.  I like to hear what they have tried and how long the problem has been going on.  I like to know who is involved in the problem and where it occurs.  I want to hear from the parents how they see the problem and formulate a beginning plan of action.  

Then I meet with the child or children involved and talk about what the child is wanting from the behaviors in question.  Usually children know quite well what they want and are going about it badly.  When we all sit down together we formulate a plan to address the problem and a time to meet again and begin to track how the changes are working.  We progress at a speed that matches how well the parents and the child can learn new interactions.  Behavior changes are rarely instant. It takes time to learn new behaviors and make new habiats.  The parents I see love this approach and the kids do too!  It empowers everyone and everyone benefits.

Dealing with Troubled Children Counseling Atlanta

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