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Student Supervision in Marriage and Family Therapy for Atlanta Georgia

Student Supervision in Marriage and Family Therapy for Atlanta Georgia

I provide supervision in marriage and family therapy to students who want to be licensed in the State of Georgia or credentialed by The American Association for Marriage and Family therapy or The Association for Professional Counselors of Georgia.

Supervision may be done through conversation about cases, audio or video taping, or by bringing a couple or family to my office so that we can see them together. The more immediate the experience, the better for making therapeutic suggestions.

Trainees first review the basic schools of structural and strategic therapy. They learn how to conduct an inquiry by phone, setting the first appointment, who should come in and how the client or clients see the problem.

Supervisees also learn how to define the problem and how to involve the necessary individuals for a successful outcome.

Once the stage is properly set, trainees learn how to make interventions, to track them, as well as how to use themselves appropriately in therapy.

Regardless of the mode of the supervision, it is important to have the last l5 minutes of the session “live” by audio or video recorder because knowing how things ended is critical to good training.

Supervision may be done individually or in a group. Individual supervision can also be shared by two supervisees for 1 ½ hours. Supervisees are welcome to put together their own group of not more than 6 for a meeting of 2 hours.

My fee for supervision is the same as for psychotherapy. Please contact me to discuss your particular supervision needs.


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