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Do Couples Therapists Ever Suggest Divorce?

People call me to ask for help to save or improve their marriages. That, then is my job.

I am teaching people HOW to make it work, not how to throw in the towel.

If couples have no children and things aren’t going well, they can declare a fender bender and move on and out of the marriage. However, if there are children, they must think about the children first.

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Signs That You Need Marriage Counseling

How Do People Know If They Need Marriage Counseling?

Most importantly, when there are problems that you can’t resolve.

One member of a couple often calls me to say, “we fight all the time”.  That is a sure signs that the couple is trying to win at something rather than negotiating an outcome. They don’t seem to know how to have the conversation rather than have the fight. They need help to learn new strategies.

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How Does Change In Couples Happen?

People call me all the time to ask what to do about their partner— “how can I make Him or Her change?  Of course, no one can make someone else change. We can only change  ourselves. However, if we change something about ourselves it changes everything.  To effect change in a partner, we must change ourselves!

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How Does Marriage Counseling Help Communication?

Traditional psychology has believed since time began that problems exist within individuals. This DSM descriptions of mental problems is built on this theory.

However, with the rise of the « Systems » movement which began in the early 50’s., problems are more popularly seen as existing BETWEEN people or in relationships rather than within individuals.

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Why Are Men So Sensitive To Female Anger?

Women ask me all the time,”why does my husband get so defensive when I get mad at him?”

To begin with, I don’t find anger to be a very useful emotion to be used with anyone. Possibly at times with strangers to get their attention but anger is scary for people and when you sound angry the real message gets lost.

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Universal Truths

I have developed my Universal Truths over my 33 years of practice. See which ones you are using!

By: Susan Adams M.Ed.

  1. Universal Truths By: Susan AdamsThe world is unfair but predictable.  Success means being aware of how things appear to others.
  2. Even if you feel so unimportant you think you are invisible, others notice you.
  3. People who don’t know when they do wrong, can’t learn to do anything right.
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