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Depression Therapy Atlanta | Depression Counseling Atlanta

Depression Therapy Atlanta | Depression Therapist AtlantaDepression can be a painful and debilitating experience. It can change the dynamics of a family and give children the notion that growing up is pointless.

Many people know about anti-depressants. However, did you know that there are some non-medical ways to treat this problem that work quite well.

Some people self-medicate. They may use drugs, alcohol, and both prescription and non-prescription medications, including sleeping pills and tranquilizers. They may not know that any of these agents can and usually does make the depression worse.

The idea is to uncover the source of the depression and then work to change the circumstances that are creating it. Lots of people feel no power for such change and this is depressing all by itself. The goal of the therapy is then about empowering the client to change what is changeable. People are often quite surprised to learn how much they can change when they simply change themselves.

Depression Counseling Atlanta | Depression Therapist Atlanta

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