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Addiction in the Family Therapy Atlanta

Addiction in the Family Therapy AtlantaDrugs and alcohol interfere with everyone’s relationships when either or both are present in families–alcohol in excess and drugs at all. Coupling and parenting become irresponsible.

Often the addicted or abusing person will make attempts to stop the substance abuse. They actually quit.

However, without help at this point, the family actually pushes the person into relapse even though it is not their intent.

People used to using substances to self-medicate have not yet learned the coping skills that many others have learned. this is why it isn’t enough to JUST stop the consumption.

The work of rehabilitation really begins AFTER the substance is eliminated.

Many people don’t stay with a therapist long enough to learn the skills they need so they may return to the familiarity of the substance of choice in order to cope with daily stresses.

People in my practice tend to stay longer because they can objectively measure progress and see change more easily given the solution-focused approach that I use.

Addiction in the Family Therapy Atlanta

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