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Self Improvement Therapy Atlanta | Self Help Counseling Atlanta

Self Improvement Therapy Atlanta | Self Help Counseling Atlanta

People often come to see me with problems with saying “no”, wanting to please others to an extreme, not liking themselves, and being unhappy with who they are or what they are doing in life. Self improvement therapy can be an asset to living a happier, healthier life…

I believe the first issue is to understand when these feeling began, for how long, and what has already been done about  it.  

From there, I talk to people about where they think they learned their current modes of behavior.  We generally find that they are responding to prior people in their lives who have taught them a certain set of values that either no longer apply or don’t apply in the manner that the individual is applying them. 

We have to identify who the voice of the critic is and their importance to the individual.  We need to know what you might be doing that makes you feel ashamed.  Generally, people feel loss of self-esteem when they are doing things about which they don’t feel good.  

I believe that there are a specific group of things that people who want to feel good about themselves can do in order to address the problems of the lowered self-esteem, trouble saying “no”, and feelings that everyone must like them, and that what everyone else has is better than what they have.  Call me today so that we can get started to helping you feel better about yourself.

Self Improvement Therapy Atlanta | Self Help Counseling Atlanta

Please call me before you call anywhere else in the Atlanta area, so that we can talk about what you should expect from your therapist and from therapy (404) 698-3699. I look forward to speaking to you.

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