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Marriage is a part of most Americans. Learning how to be married takes practice and acquired tools. I hope these articles help you and your partner.

How Does Marriage Counseling Help Communication?

Traditional psychology has believed since time began that problems exist within individuals. This DSM descriptions of mental problems is built on this theory.

However, with the rise of the « Systems » movement which began in the early 50’s., problems are more popularly seen as existing BETWEEN people or in relationships rather than within individuals.

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Why Are Men So Sensitive To Female Anger?

Women ask me all the time,”why does my husband get so defensive when I get mad at him?”

To begin with, I don’t find anger to be a very useful emotion to be used with anyone. Possibly at times with strangers to get their attention but anger is scary for people and when you sound angry the real message gets lost.

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What Makes Marriage Work?

People ask me all the time, “What makes marriage work?” What if I stop loving him/her?

What clearly does NOT make marriage work is believing that one must be in love all the time to make the marriage work. People who believe that love is the key ingredient are romantics, They are in love with love and the minute that they don’t detect the “love” feeling they believe it is time to go–and they do.

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How To Select The Best Marriage Counselor

Good marriage counseling is about teaching couples how to negotiate in order to accomplish getting their needs met.  Teaching good skills for marriage is not about what is right or wrong but about what works!

Marriage Counseling Should Be Balanced!

I have been married for 41 years (that means I was two when I started). I have a live laboratory in my home for knowing what works and what doesn’t. I am always thinking about how to pass along effective means of interacting. The best marriage counseling teaches couples how to talk to each other constructively . The couples therapist is the model for this. The therapy must be what I call ”clean”.  That means the therapy needs to demonstrate the skills the therapist is teaching.  For example listening with respect means that the therapist does so as well. Hearing what is asked needs to be part of the couples therapy as well. Continue reading

Effect of Money on Marriage

The objective of this article is to present a discussion of how money affects relationships.

By: Susan Adams M.Ed.

The Effect of Effect of Money on Marriage

Summary: Money is seen as power by many people–he (or she) who has it has the power and the partner without is is out of power. Too much money or too little produces a negative effect on many relationships. Continue reading

Role of Expectations in Marriage

The objective of this article is to describe how expectations can affect marital success.

By: Susan Adams M.Ed.

The Role of Expectations in Marriage

Summary: Expectations of marriage have changed radically in the last fifty years. Today it is considered a partnership, though many times people are not conditioned for this. Many partners have misinformation about what marriage is and is not. Continue reading

Communication in Marriage

The objective of this article is to identify the communication skills needed in marriage.

By: Susan Adams, M. Ed.


Summary: In any relationship of any importance, let alone a partnership like marriage, the negotiation of the realtionship is critical. In order to have successful negotiations, partners need to be able to explain their experience of being who they are and understand the experience of their partner. Continue reading

The Safety of Expression-An Exercise for Dating Couples

 Headed Toward Marriage or for the Married Who want to Enhance Their Relationship

The objective of this article is to provide an activity for couples–both those thinking of marriage, and those who already are married who want to enhance their relationship to do so in the arena of improving the emotional climate around the safety of expression.

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