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Self Help

Self Help can cover a large area every person; only if they are interested in looking at themselves. I have written an assortment of articles including Universal Truths, Art of Making Others Feel Good, Making and Refusing Requests and many more…

I’m Lonesome | Here is My Answer

It has become increasingly difficult to meet people.  This is particularly true for the part of the population who is looking for a significant other.

Men and women tell me all the time that they would like to be in a significant relationship. Possibly that they would like to marry and possibly have children.  However, society has changed so much that they don’t know how to go about it.

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Using Meditation To Help Body Healing

The objective of this article is to acquaint readers with the health benefits of meditation and to discuss some of the varying types of mediation available.

By: Susan Adams M.Ed.

Using Meditation To Help Body Healing

Meditation has been useful, according to some recent studies, in improving health by reducing stress. There are various forms of meditation including “mindfulness”, “relaxation response” and prayer meditation. Continue reading

Dealing with Criticism

By: Susan Adams M.Ed.

Dealing With Criticism

Criticism is, unfortunately, a part of our society and a part of many relationships. Are you criticism deaf? That means that you have heard so much criticism that everything sounds like that to you. Continue reading

Frequently Asked Questions About Depression

Frequently Asked Questions About Depression

1.How would I know if I am depressed? – 

People who are depressed frequently complain of constant fatigue, lack of energy, loss of appetite and weight gain and lost. They may have trouble with concentration and memory. They experience an overall lack of optimism, the belief that things can get better. Continue reading

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