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Learn Positive Parenting Counseling Atlanta

Learn Positive Parenting Counseling AtlantaOften in our busy world, it is difficult to be a consistent team when raising children.When parents disagree about how to deal with children, the parents wind up fighting while the children go off to do as they please.  Children can learn quickly how to make this happen and to use it to their advantage.I start with parents with a conversation about where the problems are, for how long, and how they got started as well as asking what has already been tried.  We can then move to finding solutions and new ways to interact.  I am always looking to find family strengths and the needs of the family.  It is very important that your therapist support you as parents while helping you to find solutions that keep you out of the anger of your kids.Remember, children are not little adults.  They usually lack the verbal skills for explaining feelings.I work to help children explain themselves better and to use more appropriate outlets if they are angry other than acting-out behaviors.  I also work to help parents learn to listen to their children better in ways that promote better conversations between the generations.

Learn Positive Parenting

The end goals would include but are not limited to:
  • Increased consistency and better team work in parenting.
  • Getting control back from the kids
  • Better behavior at school coupled with greater maturity
  • Conversations which demonstrate more respect between parents and between parents and children

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