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Atlanta Marriage Counseling | Family Counselor Atlanta | Atlanta Couples Therapy

Atlanta Family Counseling | Family Counselor Atlanta | Atlanta Family Therapy

Family counseling is not defined by the number of people in the room. It simply means the view of understanding people within the context of their relationships. Thus, “family therapy” can be done with one, two, or many members of a family. It is not about joining only with the person in front of the family therapist, but about understanding the entire system in which the person or persons in the room relate.

Family members do not have to be a part of the problem when someone is having difficulty, but they are often part of the solution.

The family counseling work I do is solution-focused. No one ever leaves my office, even the first time, without some ideas as to how to begin to solve whatever problem brought them to see me.

People who come with family problems, generally come with the symptom of the problem. We work to discover the problem itself so we can then look for better solutions than what is being tried. This approach is very effective. People like it because it is easy to measure the progress they make and some improvement generally occurs quite quickly when new behaviors are applied. This helps people to gain optimism and the optimism fuels further change.

Atlanta Couples Counseling | Family Counseling Atlanta | Atlanta Marriage Therapist

Please call me before you call anywhere else in the Atlanta area, so that we can talk about what you should expect from your therapist and from therapy (404) 698-3699. I look forward to speaking to you.

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