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Stepfamily Therapist

Stepfamilies Issues | Stepfamilies Problems | Step Family Help

Stepfamilies Issues | Stepfamilies Problems | Stepfamilies Help

Stepfamilies Issues | Stepfamilies Problems | Stepfamilies Help AtlantaI was the advisor to the Step-family Association of Atlanta while it was here. This lasted several years. However and unfortunately, step-families can be highly emotionally charged and chaotic places in which to live. The Step-Family Association didn’t last more than a few years because it was so hard for people in such circumstances to come to the meetings.

People in step-families come from multiple histories that are unshared, they start with children, there are often financial problems given the need to send money to prior families, and expectations exist that are often not realistic. These are jsut some of the reasons that people in step-families struggle.

I live in a step-family so I know how hard it can be and have been very effective at helping people in step-families to straighten things out. People who have already left a marriage sometimes find it easier to leave again rather than work at changing things. Therefore, the mortality rate of step-families is very high. It is exciting for me to see people turn this around!

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