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Good Marriage Counselor Atlanta GA

How To Select The Best Marriage Counselor

Good marriage counseling is about teaching couples how to negotiate in order to accomplish getting their needs met.  Teaching good skills for marriage is not about what is right or wrong but about what works!

Marriage Counseling Should Be Balanced!

I have been married for 41 years (that means I was two when I started). I have a live laboratory in my home for knowing what works and what doesn’t. I am always thinking about how to pass along effective means of interacting. The best marriage counseling teaches couples how to talk to each other constructively . The couples therapist is the model for this. The therapy must be what I call ”clean”.  That means the therapy needs to demonstrate the skills the therapist is teaching.  For example listening with respect means that the therapist does so as well. Hearing what is asked needs to be part of the couples therapy as well. Continue reading

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