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Effective Hiring & Conflict Resolution

Effective Hiring & Conflict Resolution

How is Effective Hiring & Conflict Resolution Handled?

Effective Hiring & Conflict ResolutionDid you know that the configuration of relationships in a family is very much like the configuration of relationships in a company. They are both “systems”.

People tend to get themselves into the same position at work that they held in their family and if they had trouble in the family they tend to repeat the problem in the work setting.

For example, people who filled the role of parent growing up, while the parent behaved like the child, may get themselves into work settings where they lack effective support or supervision.

I am very effective at helping clients understand their family roles and how these get repeated in a work setting. Thus, the knowledge is the beginning tool for change. The behavior changes follow based on negotiations with each particular client and the system in which they are involved.

Effective Hiring & Conflict Resolution

I also am very effective at helping clients to recognize non-verbal and verbal behavior patterns. Assessing behavior in terms of verbal and non-verbal cues is very important in the hiring process. I am good at identifying these cues to help clients make successful choices in hiring employees.

Issues of conflict resolution are also traceable to old family roles. These conflict issues become easier to resolve when the parties involved understand their prior experiences as well as being able to learn better negotiation skills and personal responsibility for problems. I am able to teach these skills and skilled at teaching supervisors how to handle difficult employees.

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