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couples communication counseling

Learning Good Effective Communication Skills Atlanta

Learning Good Effective Communication Skills

Learning Good Effective Communication Skills Atlanta

I think that this word gets over-used without explicit understanding of “how” to say “what” to “whom”.  I am teaching people who see me the “foreign language” of how to speak to each other in ways that promote conversation instead of shutting it down. 

The model I use is one of accountability.  Its basis is the idea that it is important to relate to how we make other people feel and to act as the role model for what we are trying to receive.  

I work with people to help them to explain the experience of being them and to hear the experience of others.  Once people have a better understanding of the experience of the people who are important to them and others understand the experience if the person in question, there is enough understanding to begin the negotiating process.

In our world of technology, people are losing the ability to talk together.  Since the relationship is carried in the conversation, without a conversation that carries meaning, relationships are easily lost.  I am teaching people how to talk together and to create a sense of importance to those around them.  People like this way of doing things, and it works!

Learning Good Effective Communication Skills Atlanta

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