Contact atlanta evening counseling sessions

Contact Susan G Adams M. Ed.

Please call me before you call anywhere else in the Atlanta area, so that we can talk about what you should expect from your therapist and from therapy (404) 698-3699. I look forward to speaking to you.

Evening Appointments are Available!

The Location:

I keep the location private once you call and we have spoken I will give you an address. For your clarity of the general location, it is walking distance from the intersection of I-75 and Howell Mill Rd.

T: (404) 698-3699


Please call me for a free phone consultation. My service answers 24 hours a day. I am always available and if I am in session I will get back to you at my first break.

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I do not like our introduction to be by email, to me it is very impersonal and if you are on my website more than likely we need to talk. Feel free to call me any time.

Thank you for your interest in my services,

Susan Adams