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Anger Management Therapy | Anger Management Counseling Atlanta

Anger Management Therapy Atlanta | Anger Management Counseling Atlanta

Everybody feels anger.  The question becomes to what intensity and what you can do about it.  

It is useful to learn to separate what we feel from what we do.  This is part of being an adult. 

I am helping people who see me to learn to do this by first thinking about what they feel and then following a three-step process to conclude what to do about it. This is all part of my Accountability Model to learn to explain negative emotion instead of acting it out, while acting out positive emotion is quite acceptable. 

In this first kind of anger, it is much easier to be rational than in the next kind of anger.  In this second kind of anger, events are interpreted as being proof positive that someone is no good.  The event causes shame, the shame attaches to the event, as in a relationship rejection, and the person then feels inadequate, unlovable, or de-valued–or all three. 

Working with me, people learn how to curb this more difficult kind of anger that they experience as  exploding inside of them and rushing out in torrents.  Working together, we can begin to help you find relief.

Anger Management Therapy | Anger Management Counseling Atlanta

Please call me before you call anywhere else in the Atlanta area, so that we can talk about what you should expect from your therapist and from therapy (404) 698-3699. I look forward to speaking to you.

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